Our featured Publication, Baby EL Son of a Jungle Giant is Creative's  big debut! A story about a loveable baby elephant born to a family of Jungle Giants, his birth changes the lives of those around him.  The story provides both family fun and educational insight as Baby EL experiences life Lessons under the colorful jungle canopy.

These books are high quality hardback, stitch bound with colorfully drawn illustrations appealing to children and all who are young at heart!  These beautifully written and illustrated books may be purchased through the publishing company. They may picked up locally at the publishing house in Georgetown or shipped directly to you.

The writing is complete for the next three books in the nursery rhyme series and the illustrations are being hand drawn for our future Publications that will evolve into a chapter book series as Baby EL grows up.

Our fans and followers can't wait to see what kind of adventures Baby EL will face next in the life lesson series for everyone of all ages!

We are always looking for new talent and our next project.  Books chosen for publication have to meet the strict guidelines of all Board members. 

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Featured Publication: 

Baby El Son of a Jungle Giant

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